Yelp Reviews About Tri-City Transmission in Tempe, AZ

Yelp Reviews About Tri-City Transmission in Tempe, AZ

The experience Tri-City Transmission has had with Yelp over the years has been more than frustrating. It is clear to us that Yelp extorts money from small-business owners and manipulates reviews and ratings of those who that refuse pay Yelp for advertising.

While we have many positive reviews on Yelp, they continue to get buried in "other reviews that are not currently recommended". What this means is that Yelp does not believe that these are legitimate reviews. Since we know who our customers are, we'd like to state for the record that ALL the positive reviews that Tri-City Transmission has on Yelp are legitimate reviews.

When there are negative reviews, they are posted front and center. If you want bad reviews removed from Yelp, just call them and they'll explain how this can be done if you sign up for a paid monthly membership. In the real world, that's called blackmail.

We invite you to do a search of the Yelp scam for yourself on the internet -- you'll find that Yelp has a long history of doing this to many customers. They claim that their program algorithms will bury the reviews that it determines may not be legitimate. Does anyone believe that it would eliminate almost all positive reviews?

Below are all the positive reviews of Tri-City Transmission that Yelp has filtered from our review page:

"I'm glad I chose Tri-City and here's why; I was sure I needed a new transmission in my Jeep.  I asked my mechanic about the issue with my transmission and he said they use Tri-City for all of their transmission related issues. Tri-City had repaired the transmission in my daughters' car after her mechanic referred her to them, and she was very happy with the work they did so I went over to have my Jeeps' problem diagnosed. After a quick testdrive it was determined that I would need a part of the Jeeps' transfer case upgraded which would take less time and be less costly than a transmission replacement. This work was to take a couple of days and as it progressed I was contacted with updates twice. I was told that the Jeep would be ready at a specific time and it was. When I arrived to pick it up it was on a lift which allowed them to show me what was done and they took the time to answer any questions I had. I thought the whole experience with Tri-City was great and will use them again without question!" - Patrick M.

"As a single woman I hate having to take my car in to get it repaired. Tr-city came highly recommended to me and they were awesome. My car was out of warranty but they got the dealer to not only cover a $1800 part but do the labor for free also thereby saving me a very expensive repair bill. I would recommend them to anybody, very high integrity and service!" - Jeanine B.

"This is my first time writing a review about a company on Yelp! But I was so happy with their quality of work and service of this place that I thought they deserve a great review! I own a SLK Mercedes. I had 45K mile on my car when I found out my car's transmission had completely failed! " Scottsdale Air Park repair shop" (which they are also a fantastic/extremely honest people) referred me to this place. Since I was close to North Scottsdale Mercedes dealership I first took my car there! Being a dealership they were such BIG rip off and wanted to charge me $1500 to $2000 to just let me know what's going on with my car! So I immediately turned around and went to Tri City Transmission. They were such nice, honest and polite people that I liked them right away and I knew I could trust them! They told me the diagnose cost will be around $300 (Mercedes dealership was going to charge $2000). My extended warranty company didn't want to cover (coming up with all sorts of excuses) and these people fought for me for few days and finally got them to approve! They did a fantastic job on my repair and my out of pocket was so little that I couldn't be any happier! I have been telling all my friends about them! If you want a great work and service don't waste your time anywhere else and take your car to this place. Ask for Michael! He was awesome!" - Sherry

"I had taken my German made car to 3 other mechanics with no ideas on the problem and after 11 weeks of my car being gone, I  finally was told it needed a new transmission, So, I decided i needed a 2nd opinion. That's when I called Tri-City Transmission and they came and took my car from the 3rd reputable mechanic and after a few days they ruled out a transmission problem and found the actual problem that was only an $80 part! Several labor hours to find the problem but saved me replacing the transmission when that was not the problem!  Great service, and great communications, called everyday to follow up." - J B.

"I run a one man repair business and when my truck is down, my business is down. Recently, I was driving to my first call, and the transmission quit working. I had to have my truck towed, and Dave at Tri-City Transmission took my truck in on short notice. There had to be at least 50 cars on their lot when the tow truck arrived, and yet he took the time to make sure my truck was looked at and evaluated quickly. Dave took the time to go over the needed repairs, even showing me the transmission all apart and assuring me that they would rebuild the transmission and get the truck back to me in a short time frame.  I was amazed at all the parts that make up the transmission. The personal attention I received was topnotch. I have had this truck for 22 years, and whenever I need transmission work done, I have always taken it to Tri-City Transmission. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed work done on their vehicle. My vehicle is driving great, and I truly thank Dave and his team for their excellent service." - John C.

"About a year ago I bought a 50's 'hot rod' with an aftermarket 5-speed gearbox.  Over time the gearbox began to leak live a sieve, and I needed to have it repaired.  I was concerned about how my car would be received, being as it had been modified, so I sat down with Dave Riccio (the owner) and expressed my concerns.  We came up with a battle plan, and I left my car with them.  In short order they removed and cleaned the transmission, replaced the seals, made heli-coil repairs where the 'last guy' had gotten a bit ham-fisted, and thoroughly cleaned all of the external components.  It was also discovered that the propeller shaft was about two inches too short and did not slide far enough into the back of the transmission.  Dave had a local driveshaft company come out to Tri-City to take measurements for a new one, which ensured that the length was perfect.  At every step along the way Dave called me and invited me to come over and take a look. When the car was completed and ready for pickup, we took a test-drive, and then put the car up on the hoist to once again check for leaks; none were found. In summary, I can't thank Dave and Tri-City enough for their excellent work.  Not only are the leaks gone, the car runs down the road with less vibration and is much smoother, now that the propeller shaft is the correct length.  I would not have figured that one out on my own.  Were they expensive?  Well...transmission work is never cheap, and they did go the extra mile to diagnose and fix unforeseen problems.  I did my homework and found that what they charged me was extremely fair, based on everything they did.  I cannot complain at all.  They took on a car with 'special needs', they did a great deal of work to my car for a very reasonable price, and I recommend them highly." - Paul M.

"Tri-City Transmission continually exceeds my expectations when servicing my vehicles. From letting me know my car had a silent recall (where the owner might not be aware) resulting in the manufacturer replacing the transmission at the dealer for free, to preventative maintenance, to keeping a 36 year old truck of my dad's shifting like new. These guys can be trusted.  They give old school service at the highest level with all the latest technology to complete the work without worry. The shop is spotless from the lobby to the service bays and I'm convinced this same attention to detail is found in everything they do.  I really can't say enough good things about Tri-City Transmission. They are superior at what they do!" - Bob J.

"The best auto repair experience ever!  They could have taken me for thousands - what do I know?  But they were honest, helpful and always kept in touch with me concerning what they were doing with my car. Doesn't hurt that Dave and Mike are easy on the eyes!" - Cyndie G.

"This is a pleasure to write a review for Tri-City Transmission. These guys are amazing - going out of their way to make sure I was taken care. Last spring I was concerned that my transmission was slipping.  It seemed like everyone I talked to said Tri-City Transmission was the place to go.  I took it to Tri-City and they found that it was the differential that was the problem and not the transmission.  They installed an additive to the differential as a courtesy and the problem was totally solved.  I was so impressed with them taking the time to do this while I waited - and I completely knew they were the real deal.  Unfortunately come September my transmission did end up having real issues - my truck was at 130,000 miles.  I went straight to Tri-City Transmission.  Although I had to have an extensive transmission repair, I could not have asked for a better place to do business.  The entire staff was kind, courteous, clean, and exceptionally diligent.  Tri-City is a first class operation. I 100% recommend them. I also believe Dave Riccio, the owner, is a guy who truly cared about my circumstances, which was a big deal to me." - Lance R.

"Just picked up my car about an hour ago. The staff there was great from Lisa, Dave and especially Matt. I have a 2006 MazdaSpeed 6 which is never an easy car to work on. The guys did the diagnostic which was great and did a ride along with me to hear what what I was hearing. Turned out the clutch and the transmission were fine it were the motor mounts which had failed. Whew.  Dave called and quoted me a price which I thought was reasonable and we agreed to have the work done. When I came to pick my car up it was a little more than I had expected. Butt Matt and Lisa were understanding and were friendly and kind and worked out the pricing. It's a great place with great people. Thank you so much I really do appreciate the kindness." - David K.

"Thank you for the professional transmission work on our 2004 Honda Accord.  As a retired aerospace industry employee familiar with administration, fabrication, manufacturing and assembly processes, I was greatly impressed with your company processes: order entry, operations, customer service, customer education, billing. My wife particularly appreciated the facility tour complete with transmission and parts displayed for understanding the transmission rebuild process. I spent more money for the Tri-City services compared to other transmission shops; however, I believe the transmission rebuild value (warranty, part and labor quality and transmission reliability) is aligned with the price. I relayed my positive Tri-City Transmission experience to several family members as well as friends. Keep up the excellent work!" - TP M.

"My experience with Tri-City was OUTSTANDING and I will never forget how you helped turn an expensive situation into a delightful situation.  You run a first rate operation starting with your well trained helpful staff, to the appearance of your well maintained and clean shop, however, your integrity and honesty put it over the top for me. I don't know what else to say except that it has been an extreme pleasure to have done business with both you and the Tri-City staff I encountered. Thank you very much for all your help!  Also, thank you to Mike Vinson for recommending and sending to such a stand up business as Tri-City." - Lynne W.

"Great service!  Easy to work with.  Would recommend to a friend! Long story, I'll try to keep it brief, but I started out with a humming noise that for about 10k miles got louder and louder until I finally brought it in to be checked by the dealership.  The dealer officially diagnosed the sound as coming from the transmission.  I trusted their diagnosis, and brought the car to Tri-City.  Upon my arrival, the owner took the time to take the car for a quick spin around the block to make sure he understood the noise, and then I dropped it off.  Two days later, they called me to let me know that they had isolated the sound to the bearings on the left wheel/hub assembly.  Dave took the time to speak with me on the phone to explain the process of replacing the bearing, and what to look for.  Ultimately I did the repair myself, but their diagnosis was correct, b/c after I replaced the bearing; no noise!  Had I brought this car to a less than reputable transmission shop, I could have been taken for thousands!  Transmission repair is not cheap, and I would have been relying on the dealer's diagnosis.  Do yourself a favor, skip the dealer, and come straight here!" - Brady T.

"Tri City Transmission was by far the best automotive experience I've had in my life. My transmission failed and I was at a loss for what to do. I shopped around and was unsure of my options and what I could afford. Dave at Tri City Transmission gave me a list of affordable options with detailed information including parts and labor. It's been an honor for me to write this review because Dave has shown honesty, integrity and is a great guy who runs his business with pride. Knowing there are good people like Dave has lifted my spirits." - Margie F.

"I went to Tri City Transmission because somebody in my office recommended them. The four wheel drive on my Isuzu Ascender had literally ground to a stop. After diagnosing the service manager said the problem was in the front differential. He gave me a high--low estimate which would depend on how much work was need to repair the differential once they got it apart and looked inside. (how many parts and how much labor to repair my differential.) Two days later the owner called me to tell me that my problem was much worse than anticipated because the differential was completely dry of lubricant and the parts had literally melted together. The axle which runs through the differential was also damaged and would need to be replaced. They brought in a  front differential from another state, replaced the axle, and did this all for the original estimate. I'm sure they lost money on the repair, but they sure impressed me with their integrity." - Robert M.

"I'm the original owner of a 2002 Honda Accord and the transmission went out. We're new to the area so I got some references from several people and Tri City came up. I also checked several online resources and they were highly recommended. When spending around $2,900, I'm going to do my homework. The service I received was fabulous. They gave me a quote range with a very acceptable variance of about a 15%. When it was all said and done, the actual cost variance ended up at 8%.

It's been about a month since the work was completed and my car is running great. I've been extremely impressed with the way these guys practice business. When I took my car back for the 2 week checkup I waited in the lobby. While I was in there I heard who I believe was the owner say to another employee something like: 'This customer was told by 'XYZ Shop' that she needs a new transmission. But we just checked it out and I don't think so.'

Tri City could have easily provided this customer the same answer and likely had a nice billing for work that was unnecessary. Instead, they choose the honest route in order to a build long term customer relationship. They charged me a fair price for great work & service -- which I'm more than glad to pay for." - Peter P.