How We Road Test Your Car

In this video, Dave Riccio of Tri-City Transmission demonstrates the process in which he road tests a car. Having spent years driving all different types of vehicles, he explains the ways he's able to pinpoint any issues and come to an accurate diagnosis of any car's transmission.

Are you thinking about transmission service in the near future? Maybe everything seems to work well, but want the extra peace of mind from knowing for sure? Our $78 Level One Diagnostic may be just what you're looking for. Contact Tri-City Transmission today at 480-968-5062.

This service includes:

  • Check transmission fluid lever & analyze condition
  • Short road test to check shift quality, shift pattern, torque converter operation, verify overall transmission performance observing transmission data stream on scan tool for irregularities
  • Initial support the vehicle in the air for external transmission leak checks
  • Scan & record all diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s)
  • Battery and charging system test
  • Minor search of problem data bank if needed

The Tri-City Transmission Diagnostic Process always starts here. 80% of all concerns are answered with a Level One diagnostic procedure. After completing a level one diagnostic procedure we will either know the answer to the problem or know if any further in-depth diagnostic is needed. Our diagnostic procedure always starts as Level One, no major disassembly or any commitment is placed with the customer other than their time without the vehicle. Tri-City Transmission will always contact the customer if any additional levels of diagnostic are necessary before spending any of the customer’s money.