August 2011: Dave’s Corner – What’s New at Tri-City

We are just coming up on our third year of doing business with Certified Transmission out of Omaha, NE. Although Certified Transmission has been around since the late seventies and has always had a great reputation, now, Tri-City Transmission is no longer reliant on just Certified’s reputation; we have first hand experience for the last three years. While we rebuild the majority of the transmissions that comes out of our shop, we are happy to use a remanufactured Certified Transmission at our shop whenever it’s a good fit for the customer.

With this confidence in Certified Transmission, we are continually growing our wholesale remanufactured transmission business. We are adding part numbers to our inventory every quarter. The inventory is dynamic, so when our system sees consistent “look ups” for a particular application of a transmission that we do not have, its added to the next stock run. We don’t plan on having every possible application of transmission, but we will be focusing on the top moving part #’s with the window being between 5 and15 model years back. However, if we don’t have it on the shelf here in town, we have 4 other western warehouses that we transfer Certified Transmissions in from.

On another note, be sure to welcome Gary Elliott, our outside customer support. Many of you are familiar with Gary as he has been in auto part sales support in the valley for the last six years. We are excited to have Gary onboard since we have always appreciated his candor when he called on us.

Thank You for your continued support of Tri-City Transmission.

Dave Riccio