Keep Your Car Cool This Summer with FREE LUBEGUARD at Tri-City Transmission

Everyone knows that summer in Arizona is hard on your car -- but did you know that and 9 out of 10 Transmissions fail due to heat? As our gift to the community, Tri-City giving out free containers of LUBEGUARD Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant*, which prevents overheating by reducing temperatures up to 40º F.

For every 10 degrees F of heat reduced, you can double the life of your transmission fluid. For every 20 degrees F of heat reduced, you double the life of the transmission! LUBEGARD is the ONLY product of its kind that is used, endorsed, designated and approved by multiple original equipment manufacturers.


  • Prevents overheating, reducing operating temperatures up to 40º F.
  • Only product that increases the fluids ability to transfer heat.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals such as zinc.
  • Transmissions perform more efficiently at lower operating temperatures.
  • Anti-chatter in clutch packs.
  • Anti-shudder with converter clutches.
  • Inhibits transmission fluid foaming and oxidation, extending fluid life.
  • Maintains proper ATF viscosity index in the torque converter.
  • Prevents overheating.
  • Assists in freeing hung up governors.
  • Keeps valves free. Frees stuck valves in valve bodies.
  • Provides for smoother shifting and reduced drive train power losses.
  • Helps modify harsh shifts and makes them quicker in duration.
  • Reduces transmission wear.

No strings attached! Just stop by Tri-City Transmission to pick up your free bottle of LUBEGUARD all through July.

If you suspect something may be going wrong with your transmission, Tri-City also offers a detailed wellness check for only $52.00 -- and we'll put the FREE LUBEGUARD in for you. Click here to contact us today!

* While supplies last.