"If You Have Transmission ANYTHING, Go To These Guys!"

"My first experience with Dave and his crew was with my daughters 2000 Dakota. She called me and said her truck was leaking water bad. I told her to park it and I'd come to her. her water pump was out, I filled it and drove it home, noticing along the way that it only had 2nd and 3 gear along with a check engine light. At home I put my code reader on it and it had trans solenoid codes that would not clear. I heard good things about tri city so I sent it to them, they checked it extensively and even changed some parts, and still couldn't restore normal function.

They sent the truck to the dealer to have the ECM checked and it was sent back as OK, must be a wiring problem. Tri City kept me informed the whole time and eventually sent it home apologizing for not fixing it while telling me the tranny was good and charging me nothing for parts and labor. Knowing the effort expended, I tipped $100 to the guys that worked on it. In the mean time, I had them rebuild the manual tranny in my truck while it was down for a new clutch, (240k miles) while I manually OHM'ed every wire in the Dakota's engine harness, which checked OK. During all this time, my parents gave my wife and I a 95 S-10 with 250K+ miles on it that despite its miles was in pretty good shape.

I started fixing all the little things that go wrong with a near 20 year old truck so my wife could park her full size gas guzzler. Nearing completion of final fixes my wife called and said the the tranny on it was slipping and she wasn't gonna make it home. I had Dave and the crew rebuild it too, excellent job! They even washed it and replaced a radio **** that I went to three dealers looking for! Maybe I need to go to them for parts... In the end, I put a new ECM in the Dakota and all problems were solved,...so much for the dealer. If you have transmission anything, GO TO THESE GUYS!!! Coming from a guy with a friend that rebuilds trannys.

Thanks Dave and crew, sorry so long..."