"Nothing Like An Owner Calling His Own Customers"

"I was looking forward to moving from from Wisconsin to Phoenix. Unfortunately during my drive here, I knew something was going on with my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission (had the car since new so am familiar with it). When I’d take off from a stop the engine would rev up and wouldn’t move until I gave it more gas. I googled the cost of transmissions and found it could be anywhere from $1800 to $3500 to replace or rebuild. Great I thought, another expense to add to my move!!! Because this problem just started I hoped things would be okay until I arrived in Phoenix.

Lucky for me I made it here.....without it getting worse. Thank goodness I love talk radio. If it weren’t for my turning on the radio and hearing Bumper to Bumper (FM 92.3) when I arrived in Phoenix on a Saturday, I wouldn’t have known where to take my Jeep without being taken for a ride (pardon the pun) and especially being female.

I heard Dave Riccio (the Co-Host and owner of Tri-City Transmission) who talked about cars in layman’s terms and I knew I’d be giving Tri-City Transmission a call on Monday. I called and spoke with Dave Smith who took all my information, made an appointment for me to bring it in the next day and even suggested a car rental company with special rates for Tri City's customers. Thinking the worse when I received a call from Mark (within 24 hours), he presented me with WONDERFUL news. He said I was two quarts low on transmission fluid, that my hoses were leaking and it would cost me $271.00 and that I was lucky I brought it in when I did because I could have blown the transmission.

When I said “you’re kidding”, he said, “is that good or bad”? I told him it was wonderful news, just made my day and my move to Phoenix even better. Hate to say it, but if I would have taken it to a dealership I’m sure it would have been in the thousands! I learned it was German who performed the service on my Jeep. What a team of professionals! Dave Riccio called me the next day telling me my Jeep was ready and the final cost (still $271.00). Nothing like an owner calling his customers and then greeting them upon arrival.

Both Mark and Dave Riccio said calling customers with this kind of news is the best kind of call they like to make. I would take my Jeep (or any future cars) to Tri-City Transmission and would not hesitate recommending them to anybody! Thank you Tri-City Transmission."

- Marsha P.