"The Honest Way the Guys at Tri City Treated Me Sure Felt Good"

"I wanted to tell you a little story about my experience with one (2 actually!) of your recommended businesses.

About 8 months ago, I was teaching my 16 year old daughter how to drive. (Don't worry, most of my hair has grown back!!) I noticed a little red puddle under our mini-van. Now, red fluid has always meant transmission fluid in the past to me, so I had my daughter get in the passenger seat and we headed straight to Tri City.

The guys there told me they'd put the van up on the rack and take a look. We have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, and its currently our only mode of transportation so the idea of replacing a transmission running through my head kind of made me nervous!

This is where it gets interesting. The guy there came out and asked me to look for myself to see the damage. The problem wasn't transmission related at all! I'd had a crack in my radiator! Apparently, Dodge uses red coolant! I'd always thought it was green! I had the fellas service my transmission anyway since they had it up on the rack ( and as a reward for being honest with me!), and I used Bell Service on E. McDowell in Scottsdale to replace my radiator..(good fair, quick service there as well!)

The honest way the guys at Tri City treated me sure felt good. They could've told me I needed a new tranny and I'd have believed them! I've been to enough BAD shops to appreciate it when someone treats you right. I wasn't looking for any special treatment, mind you....it was just nice to find a couple of shops that I can trust in the future, for me AND my young drivers to come!

Thanks for the work you do - it sure helps!!" - Kurt Kreiger