Tri-City Transmission Fleet Vehicle Services

We understand fleet service is a thorn in the side of any good service company. Most businesses don’t realize the extent of the huge profit leak caused by poor fleet maintenance:

  • Lost Revenue with Down Vehicles
  • Employee Down Time - Shuttling Vehicles to Repair Shops
  • Costly Breakdowns and Missed Service Appointments
  • Thousands of Dollars Lost in Unnecessary Repairs and Maintenance
  • Fleets That Wear Out Prematurely

While you know it's a problem, do you have time to go babysit the repair shop?

Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing. Our fleet maintenance is solution based. This is how we start the process:

  1. Meet and Greet - Understand your fleet and your specific needs
  2. Together we create a custom, proactive service and repair solution plan
  3. We implement and execute the plan

Not only can we provide fleet management assistance, but we also work with many existing fleet management companies such as Enterprise Fleet, Donlen Fleet, and Element Fleet, and more!