How Much is it Going to Cost?

The number one question everyone asks before they bring their car in for transmission service is “How much is it going to cost?”

Perhaps people ask because they have heard stories about shops that practice “RDI” (remove, disassemble and inspect,) essentially taking the customer’s vehicle apart without warning then telling them it will cost thousands of dollars to repair the transmission. 

The idea behind this tactic is to first appear “low cost,” get the job, and then tell the customer about all the ancillary items once the car is taken apart and there is no turning back. This tactic gets us hot under the collar.

At Tri-City Transmission we don’t take apart your vehicle without your permission or quote lower prices just to get customers in the door. We believe that our job is to take care of our customer's cars as if they were our own. Our goal is to make customers and friends for life!

Now to get back to the question - “How much is it going to cost?”

The transmission is the most complicated piece of equipment on your vehicle and it’s important to understand that not all transmission issues are the same.

We have found that in the general auto repair industry 1 out of 4 transmissions are overhauled or replaced in total error. We believe that the most expensive transmission repair is the one you did not need in the first place.

At Tri-City Transmission, we diagnose and repair over 200 transmissions every month. Our experience is this: we work on over 200 transmissions to every one that most other shops work on and we’ve been doing this for over 40 years. We know transmissions!

In approximately 70 percent of the situations when someone brings in their car believing that they need a complete transmission overhaul or replacement that will cost them thousands of dollars, we have been able to fix the transmission for less than a car payment. The key is to provide an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong with the vehicle. It may not even be a transmission issue!

To provide an accurate diagnosis, we perform a Level One Transmission Diagnostic Service. No other shop in Arizona does this kind of due diligence!
This Level One Diagnostic Service diagnoses about 80 percent of the transmission issues that we see on a regular basis. This diagnosis usually takes 24 hours and is referred to as a “No Wrench Diagnostic.” In this diagnostic step, we don’t take the car apart at all. 

After the diagnosis is complete, we will let you know what is wrong with your transmission and give you several options on what to do next.

We let you decide! We’re in the business of making friends, not enemies. We’re all about building relationships. Whatever is good for you is good for us.

Our Level One Diagnostic is $98 and entails the following:

  1. Thorough interview about your concerns for your vehicle.
  2. Check transmission fluid level and analyze condition.
  3. Short road test to check shift quality, shift pattern, torque converter operation, and verify overall transmission performance.
  4. Put the vehicle on a lift and check for external transmission leaks, as well as check the linkage and external electrical connections.
  5. Using a computerized scan tool, we scan the vehicle’s on-board computer and record all diagnostic trouble codes and interpret the results. We also observe the transmission data stream for irregularities.
  6. We perform a battery and charging system test, as we have found a lot of transmission issues are caused by bad batteries and faulty alternators.
  7. Research the database of known problems about specific transmissions: i.e. recalls, and technical service bulletins.

After we have gathered all this information, we analyze the data to diagnose the problem. Then we prepare an estimate and call you to let you know what is wrong with your transmission, and what your options as far as fixing it are.

We never perform any work without your permission!

Call and schedule an appointment to have a transmission diagnosis done today. For only $98 you’ll find out what’s wrong with your transmission and what your options are to fix it. No sales pressure, no manipulation, we promise!