Testimonials and Reviews About Tri-City Transmission in Tempe AZ

Audio Review from Marsha P (originally posted on Google Reviews:)

Audio Review from David (from the Bumper to Bumper Radio Show:)

"February 2017: The month my 2010 Ford Explorer ate it's transmission for lunch. The dealership wanted $5-7K for a repair. I went online looking for a qualified shop. As an aviation mechanic I know a bit about how hard it can be doing repairs on complicated machinery. I chose Tri-City based on their customer reviews and I was not disappointed.
The guys at Tri-City run a very clean, well organized shop. They are super friendly and kept me in the loop at all times. They made or beat every deadline they set and took care of several small issues with my truck that I wasn't even aware of. The company 3 year 100K miles warranty is as good as you could hope for. Other than doing the work for free (just kidding, have you ever seen an automatic transmission torn apart) I honestly can't think of a single thing they could have done better. 
So if your transmission goes bad, it sucks, and it's likely to be an expensive repair. The guys at Tri-City know this and, in my experience, do all they can to make an unfortunate event tolerable. Remember, they didn't cause the problem but they can fix it. I give them a five star rating without reservation."

-Robert C, Tempe AZ

"Dave Riccio and Tri City Transmission replaced my clutch on my 2000 Honda Accord he managed to replace it in just one day and did a great job. He let me know why he was doing things before he did them and kept me in the loop. I appreciate his help as well as his insight. A clutch drop is going to be the same price no matter where you go. But at Tri City the service and expertise is unbeatable."

-Charles H

"About a year ago I bought a 50's 'hot rod' with an aftermarket 5-speed gearbox. Over time the gearbox began to leak live a sieve, and I needed to have it repaired. I was concerned about how my car would be received, being as it had been modified, so I sat down with Dave Riccio (the owner) and expressed my concerns.  We came up with a battle plan, and I left my car with them. In short order they removed and cleaned the transmission, replaced the seals, made heli-coil repairs where the 'last guy' had gotten a bit ham-fisted, and thoroughly cleaned all of the external components.  It was also discovered that the propeller shaft was about two inches too short and did not slide far enough into the back of the transmission. Dave had a local driveshaft company come out to Tri-City to take measurements for a new one, which ensured that the length was perfect. At every step along the way Dave called me and invited me to come over and take a look. When the car was completed and ready for pickup, we took a test-drive, and then put the car up on the hoist to once again check for leaks; none were found.

"I'm the original owner of a 2002 Honda Accord and the transmission went out. We're new to the area so I got some references from several people and Tri City came up. I also checked several online resources and they were highly recommended. When spending around $2,900, I'm going to do my homework.

The service I received was fabulous. They gave me a quote range with a very acceptable variance of about a 15%. When it was all said and done, the actual cost variance ended up at 8%.

"As a single woman I hate having to take my car in to get it repaired. Tr-city came highly recommended to me and they were awesome. My car was out of warranty but they got the dealer to not only cover a $1800 part but do the labor for free also thereby saving me a very expensive repair bill. I would recommend them to anybody, very high integrity and service!"

-Jeanine B

"I have been a customer of tri-city transmissions since the 70's. I have taken them many of my personal cars in many company trucks when I was working. I have been treated with honesty and integrity (sometimes the problem wasn't the transmission and was told so). It is great to have confidence in a company of the transmission service industry where it is in such question at times for many of us. I normally don't like to recommend places, but I do highly recommend tri-city transmissions without reservation. Thanks."

-Doug B.

"I need to let everyone know how great Tri-City Transmission is!! 

I have a 2004 Honda Pilot EXL that I had only had for less than 2 years, about 6 months after buying the vehicle it was having some crazy slipping issues. If I was stopped at a light, sometimes the car wouldn't go, so I would have to drop the car down into another gear (usually 3rd) and it would start to drive again.  It didn't always do this, but it did it often enough to be a nuisance.

"I'm glad I chose Tri-City and here's why; I was sure I needed a new transmission in my Jeep. I asked my mechanic about the issue with my transmission and he said they use Tri-City for all of their transmission related issues. Tri-City had repaired the transmission in my daughters' car after her mechanic referred her to them, and she was very happy with the work they did so I went over to have my Jeeps' problem diagnosed. After a quick testdrive it was determined that I would need a part of the Jeeps' transfer case upgraded which would take less time and be less costly than a transmission replacement. This work was to take a couple of days and as it progressed I was contacted with updates twice. I was told that the Jeep would be ready at a specific time and it was. When I arrived to pick it up it was on a lift which allowed them to show me what was done and they took the time to answer any questions I had. I thought the whole experience with Tri-City was great and will use them again without question!"

-Patrick M

"I was so happy with their quality of work and service of this place that I thought they deserve a great review! I own a SLK Mercedes. I had 45K mile on my car when I found out my car's transmission had completely failed! " Scottsdale Air Park repair shop" (which they are also a fantastic/extremely honest people) referred me to this place. Since I was close to North Scottsdale Mercedes dealership I first took my car there! Being a dealership they were such BIG rip off and wanted to charge me $1500 to $2000 to just let me know what's going on with my car! So I immediately turned around and went to Tri City Transmission. They were such nice, honest and polite people that I liked them right away and I knew I could trust them! They told me the diagnose cost will be around $300 (Mercedes dealership was going to charge $2000). My extended warranty company didn't want to cover (coming up with all sorts of excuses) and these people fought for me for few days and finally got them to approve! They did a fantastic job on my repair and my out of pocket was so little that I couldn't be any happier! I have been telling all my friends about them! If you want a great work and service don't waste your time anywhere else and take your car to this place."


"I had taken my German made car to 3 other mechanics with no ideas on the problem and after 11 weeks of my car being gone, I finally was told it needed a new transmission. So, I decided I needed a 2nd opinion. That's when I called Tri-City Transmission and they came and took my car from the 3rd reputable mechanic and after a few days they ruled out a transmission problem and found the actual problem that was only an $80 part! Several labor hours to find the problem but saved me replacing the transmission when that was not the problem! Great service, and great communication, called everyday to follow up."

-J B

"I run a one man repair business and when my truck is down, my business is down. Recently, I was driving to my first call, and the transmission quit working. I had to have my truck towed, and Dave at Tri-City Transmission took my truck in on short notice. There had to be at least 50 cars on their lot when the tow truck arrived, and yet he took the time to make sure my truck was looked at and evaluated quickly. Dave took the time to go over the needed repairs, even showing me the transmission all apart and assuring me that they would rebuild the transmission and get the truck back to me in a short time frame. I was amazed at all the parts that make up the transmission. The personal attention I received was topnotch. I have had this truck for 22 years, and whenever I need transmission work done, I have always taken it to Tri-City Transmission. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed work done on their vehicle. My vehicle is driving great, and I truly thank Dave and his team for their excellent service."

-John C

"Tri-City Transmission continually exceeds my expectations when servicing my vehicles. From letting me know my car had a silent recall (where the owner might not be aware) resulting in the manufacturer replacing the transmission at the dealer for free, to preventative maintenance, to keeping a 36 year old truck of my dad's shifting like new. These guys can be trusted. They give old school service at the highest level with all the latest technology to complete the work without worry. The shop is spotless from the lobby to the service bays and I'm convinced this same attention to detail is found in everything they do. I really can't say enough good things about Tri-City Transmission. They are superior at what they do!"

-Bob J

"This is a pleasure to write a review for Tri-City Transmission. These guys are amazing - going out of their way to make sure I was taken care. Last spring I was concerned that my transmission was slipping.  It seemed like everyone I talked to said Tri-City Transmission was the place to go. I took it to Tri-City and they found that it was the differential that was the problem and not the transmission. They installed an additive to the differential as a courtesy and the problem was totally solved. 

"Thank you for the professional transmission work on our 2004 Honda Accord. As a retired aerospace industry employee familiar with administration, fabrication, manufacturing and assembly processes, I was greatly impressed with your company processes: order entry, operations, customer service, customer education, billing. My wife particularly appreciated the facility tour complete with transmission and parts displayed for understanding the transmission rebuild process.

"Great service! Easy to work with. Would recommend to a friend!

Long story, I'll try to keep it brief, but I started out with a humming noise that for about 10k miles got louder and louder until I finally brought it in to be checked by the dealership. The dealer officially diagnosed the sound as coming from the transmission. I trusted their diagnosis, and brought the car to Tri-City. Upon my arrival, the owner took the time to take the car for a quick spin around the block to make sure he understood the noise, and then I dropped it off. 

"Tri City Transmission was by far the best automotive experience I've had in my life. My transmission failed and I was at a loss for what to do. I shopped around and was unsure of my options and what I could afford. Dave at Tri City Transmission gave me a list of affordable options with detailed information including parts and labor. It's been an honor for me to write this review because Dave has shown honesty, integrity and is a great guy who runs his business with pride. Knowing there are good people like Dave has lifted my spirits."

-Margie F

"I went to Tri City Transmission because somebody in my office recommended them. The four wheel drive on my Isuzu Ascender had literally ground to a stop. After diagnosing the service manager said the problem was in the front differential. He gave me a high--low estimate which would depend on how much work was need to repair the differential once they got it apart and looked inside. (how many parts and how much labor to repair my differential.) Two days later the owner called me to tell me that my problem was much worse than anticipated because the differential was completely dry of lubricant and the parts had literally melted together. The axle which runs through the differential was also damaged and would need to be replaced. They brought in a front differential from another state, replaced the axle, and did this all for the original estimate. I'm sure they lost money on the repair, but they sure impressed me with their integrity."

-Robert M

"I am sending you this letter to express my appreciation for the honesty and integrity that one of your employees, Mr. Tom Kelly extended to me yesterday. I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra that the transmission was overheating on. It was suggested by a friend that I contact your shop. I called and spoke to Tom Kelly, explained what was going on, and much to my surprise, he advised me to contact Nissan, give them my VIN number, to see if my VIN was included on a list of 120,000 mile extended warranties that Nissan was honoring due to known deficiencies and problems with my particular transmission. I have never had a repair shop do this before. I called Nissan and sure enough, my VIN was on the extended warranty list. They took the car in right away and made repairs, which included a new transmission cooler and fluid swap, and told me that if I incurred any further problems, Nissan would honor the warranty.

"Mr. Riccio,
I am writing this letter of appreciation to you and everyone involved in the recent repair of my vehicle. Approximately 6 months ago it began to shift very rough. Like most American drivers, I ignored it hoping it would either go away of fix itself. After visiting a couple of repair shops and being told I needed a new transmission, I heard about you on the Saturday morning car repair show on KFYI.

"Thank you for the professional transmission work on our 2004 Honda Accord. As a retired aerospace industry employee familiar with administration, fabrication, manufacturing and assembly process, I was greatly impressed with your company processes: order entry, operations, customer service, customer education, billing. My wife particularly appreciated the facility tour complete with transmission and parts displayed for understanding the transmission rebuild process.

"These are the guys you want to go to, honest dependable and saved me a lot of money. I was quoted $5000 at another shop and walked out of Tri-City paying for a repair bill of $450." - BZ

"After taking my truck to our regular repair guy, he confirmed that it was something with the transmission and recommended Tri-City as the "place he takes his own vehicles". True to the recommendation, they found two small parts that needed to be replaced, had us back on the road quick, and even washed my truck. Thanks guys!" - GM

"I wanted to tell you a little story about my experience with one (2 actually!) of your recommended businesses.

About 8 months ago, I was teaching my 16 year old daughter how to drive. (Don't worry, most of my hair has grown back!!) I noticed a little red puddle under our mini-van. Now, red fluid has always meant transmission fluid in the past to me, so I had my daughter get in the passenger seat and we headed straight to Tri City.

"You may not remember me, but I talked to you last week (referred by Leo Petruzella) regarding my 2001 Honda Odyssey transmission. After we briefly spoke about it, you referred me to Travis Milliner at Bell Honda. I wanted to personally say “thank you” for that referral. Travis worked his magic and was able to get 80% of our transmission repair cost covered by Honda. I realize that you could have convinced me to use your shop; but instead, you had my best interest in mind and made that referral. Your actions clearly reflect your business philosophy of integrity and honesty and in today’s work; the values seem to be rare. In the future, should we (or any of our friends) ever be in the need of a transmission repair, you will be the first on we’ll call." - Tammy

"You saved me a lot of money by referring me to Honda for warranty consideration. Honda is now going to pay 75% of my new transmission. Thanks!" - Kelli

"So far the second transmission has been working perfectly. I would like to say I appreciate the fact that you replaced the first transmission you installed with another without clear evidence that the issues I was having were due to the actual parts you installed the first time. I am happy with my truck again and would recommend your shop to others from my experience of dealing with people like you." - Don

"This place is unbelievable. After getting a quote from another shop, I decided to get a second one at Tri-City Transmissions. They figured out it was really only a small problem and fixed it for thousands less than I was quoted from the other shop. They could have taken me to the cleaners and I wouldn't have known the difference. If you want an honest transmission shop, take your car here!" - David

"Brought my car to Tri-City Transmission for repair as I was told by another shop what I had suspected -- the tranny was slipping. They checked it out and said the tranny was fine but the car had a plugged-up catalytic converter and that was my problem. There was no charge for this diagnostic check and I'm ever-so-grateful for their complete honesty. It makes me shudder to think that a not-so-reputable shop would slap a cheap after-market cat on it and then charge me thousands for a "rebuilt" tranny. It's refreshing to know that an honest business like Tri-City Transmission exists and that you'll get honest and straight answers about your transmission problems and repair." - Chris

"My regular shop gave me the devastating news that the transmission needed to be replaced, at a cost of $2900 + tax. However, I came accross Tri-City Transmission and after reading many of their favorable reviews I decided to let them look at my car too, for a second opinion. Well... by the end of the day Tri-City called me with the news. "We completed the courtesy check, tightened up the radiator fitting, cleaned up a coolant leak, and filled the transmission fluid that was 2 qts low. The codes are gone... took it for a drive and everything looks good." That's right... I was low on transmission fluid. That's it! The guys at Tri-City are Honest. I am so happy I had them look at my Honda. By the way, my car is running great now, not to mention that I didn't have to give my other mechanic $2900 for something I didn't need. Thanks Tri-City. You exemplify "The Best"." - NL

"After visiting the dealer and a Honda specialist, both informed me that I needed a new transmission in my Odyssey at around $3,300. As an independent shop, Tri-City Trans informed me about a class action lawsuit against Honda specific to the problem I was having. After determining that my car met the requirements of the lawsuit, Tri-City Trans and their recommended dealer went to bat for me with Honda Cars of America. The result was a new transmission with Honda picking up 55% of the bill - a savings to me of over $1,600. In a recessed economy where every business decision counts, Tri-City Trans proved that doing the right thing to take care of the customer - despite losing the sale - is the ultimate payoff. Check them out for all of your transmission needs!" -DJB

"Our Honda Odyssey broke down near Gallup. The shop there said to junk it even though we had less than 73,000 on it. We rented a truck and towed it to Salem Boys who sent us to Dave at Tri-City. Not only did he diagnose it at no cost, he got on the phone with Honda and helped broker a deal to get Honda to pay part of the bill. All of this was done for free. Who does this anymore? Tri-City treats their customers like family. I had always heard good things about them, now I know that the stories were all true. Thanks Dave!!" - HT

"David listened to my story and suggested a common failure for my troubled Chevy Trailblazer. I told David that the Chevy dealer replaced the part he suggested about a year ago and that had not cured my "roaring" noise. So, David and I went for a test drive. He said, maybe the brand new part from the dealer was defective, commenting that it does happen. David said he would pull the vehicle trouble codes to check for failures as a no charge courtesy...Guess what, the code indicate a failure of the dealer replaced part. At that point David said to go to the dealer and see if they'll warranty the problem. I went to the dealer and they warrantied the part. The problem was illuminated. David you were great. Thank you!" - Mike

"Both my wife and I have had occasion to use Tri-City and the results were fantastic. In both our cases, another provider wanted to just sell us a new transmission. These guys diagnosed minor problems, fixed them promptly, saving us thousand of dollars. I would never go anywhere else for a transmission issue." - MJM

"Thanks Dave, for your expertise in diagnosis. As we discussed, this seem to be lost art -- except at Tri-City Transmission. I am now a customer for life and will only take my vehicles to Tri-City. Thanks for the honesty and your desire to fix not replace transmission. It was a pleasure doing business and I'll see you soon with my Mitsubishi." - Mike

"I am the third generation in my family of satisfied Tri-City Transmission customers. My Grandfather, parents and now myself have had their cars serviced by Tri-City Transmission. Their diagnostic ability, work quality, honesty and willingness to keep their customers pleased are beyond any repair shop we have experienced. Thank you Tri-City for making repeat customers of my family by going beyond all expectations on both fairness and price."

"I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Tri-City Transmission. I brought my car in to check the transmission, and they diagnosed the problem and were able to get it repaired 100% under warranty. They were honest, concerned, and communicated with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Tri-City to anyone who needs transmission work."

"If you need transmission work, rest assured you will not get ripped off here. We were told we need $1200 in transmission work from another well known "recommended" firm. TriCity could have done the same thing, but they didn't. In the end, $500 in repairs is all it cost and we are still running strong. They did not see the "burned" transmission fluid the other company said they saw. I was thrilled with their work, but I waited a while to post this as I found it hard to believe that somebody actually will do good work and be honest. I thought lets see how long this fix lasts....still running and runs great!! The best work. Nicest staff! They would rather fix and save you money than taking the easy route like all the others who said we needed a new transmission. Don't hesitate to use them. Thank you TriCity Transmission!!!"

"I have used Tri-City Transmission three times in the past for three different vehicles. Twice I was almost sure I needed a new transmission. I have yet to leave Tri-City with a new transmission because they take the time to find out the real problem and fix that only! This has saved me a lot of money and I will return again for a fourth time when I have transmission needs (hopefully not soon). Thank you to Randy and the Tri-City team!"

"When my transmission broke down, I dreaded taking it to a repair shop because of all the horror stories I had heard from friends. Since they couldn’t recommend any shop, I based my selection on my research on the web. Customer testimonial about Tri-City Trans showed they are able and willing to fix transmissions whenever possible instead of simply replacing the entire transmission + charge lots of money, which is what most shops appear to do. Tri-City Trans exceeded my expectations. When Dave called me to tell me that they found a simple problem during their diagnosis (bolt had come loose in the link) and they were able to fix it at no cost to me, I could not believe it. What a display of honesty and integrity! They have me as a customer for life and I am actively recommending them with confidence to my friends."

"The only transmission business I will ever send my business is to Tri-City. Honest, reasonable, and goes the extra mile. This is an amazing business with ethics, professional, expertise and reasonable prices. Tri-City saved us thousands of dollars by contacting the dealership we purchased the car from. Dave Riccio is the best!! We drove our car from Tucson to Phoenix to solve our problems!! And they did!"

"I was looking forward to moving from from Wisconsin to Phoenix. Unfortunately during my drive here, I knew something was going on with my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission (had the car since new so am familiar with it). When I’d take off from a stop the engine would rev up and wouldn’t move until I gave it more gas. I googled the cost of transmissions and found it could be anywhere from $1800 to $3500 to replace or rebuild. Great I thought, another expense to add to my move!!! Because this problem just started I hoped things would be okay until I arrived in Phoenix.

"Tri-City Transmission did an exemplary job in tracking down a "quirky" electrical problem with my Isuzu Rodeo and repairing my transmission to factory new. They never tried to up-sell me into repairs that I didn't need and the staff was always very courteous."

"As a single woman I hate having to take my car in to get it repaired. Tr-city came highly recommended to me and they were awesome. My car was out of warranty but they got the dealer to not only cover a $1800 part but do the labor for free also thereby saving me a very expensive repair bill. I would recommend them to anybody, very high integrity and service!"

"Thank you Tri-City Transmission Service for fixing my Ford F150! To all those reading this: Based on the research I did BEFORE taking my F150 to Tri-City, I felt 90% confident I already knew what the problem was with my transmission. My research also told me that many transmission shops will try to tell me that I need a complete re-build. Tri-City diagnosed the problem and it turned out to be just as I suspected. They did NOT try to over sell me on a complete tranny rebuild. Only fixed what needed to be fixed. Nicely done Tri-City!"

"As an employee of a large fleet maintenance operation I can surely recognize and respect a well run repair facility. That's just what I found when I stopped in to Tri-City Transmission for some help on a transmission I was working on. This is a first class operation, from the building to the management all the way to the knowledgeable technicians. Everyone was very professional and very helpful! I would recommend Tri-City Transmission to anyone needing transmission work on their vehicle. Outstanding customer experience!"

"I want to say the people at Tri-City Transmission are top notch. The took care of me right away. They all there are very patient and friendly. They were able to help me with my transmission and were not trying to sell me any unnecessary parts for my car like the some of the other shops I took my car to. They were straight to the point. I also want to comment on there facility, they run a very clean and well organized shop, with all the latest in diagnostic equipment. Tri-City Transmission has a customer for life with all my vehicles."

"After three different diagnosis by two other shops and more than $500 spent in worthless repair, I decided to get a third diagnostic at Tri-City Transmission, regarding the check engine light on my Rav4 2000. The code referred to one of the solenoids inside the transmission. Most important of all was that the car would not pass emissions because of this code After their first diagnostic they let me know it could be a computer error, a wire or an actual solenoid. Either way the costs could be above $1500, most of it in extensive labor.

"My first experience with Dave and his crew was with my daughters 2000 Dakota. She called me and said her truck was leaking water bad. I told her to park it and I'd come to her. her water pump was out, I filled it and drove it home, noticing along the way that it only had 2nd and 3 gear along with a check engine light. At home I put my code reader on it and it had trans solenoid codes that would not clear. I heard good things about tri city so I sent it to them, they checked it extensively and even changed some parts, and still couldn't restore normal function.

"I found Tri-City Transmission online. I have a 2003 Mazda Protege5 with an automatic/standard transmission. My regular mechanic suggested that I have the transmission checked, as he had replaced a wheel bearing, but the front end of the car was still making some noise. I called Tri-City and made an appointment. When I arrived, they drove my car with me, having me identify the sound that I was concerned about. They also called my mechanic to find out what he had done and his assessment. They then did a complete diagnostic of the front end of car. It turned out the transmission was fine, but the motor mounts were cracked and beginning to break, as well as another wheel bearing.

"Our experience with Tri -City Transmission was great from setting the appointment to driving away knowing that we were in good honest hands the entire time. Very pleasant and professional and we will definitely go there for all of our needs in the future!"