Transmission Service and Preventative Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

We have found transmission service to be a very confusing topic for the consumer. The modern transmission in many cases develops idiosyncrasies, underperforms and even fails for lack of maintenance. So, transmission service is very important if you want your transmission to last and operate up to its full potential. We have a couple exceptions to this. A bad transmission service is much, much worse than no transmission service at all. Also, some shops are very aggressive in unnecessarily recommending a transmission service with scare tactics about how bad your fluid supposedly is. We believe in our 45 plus years of business we have created a balanced approach to transmission services. It is hard to create hard and fast rules as there are so many different variations and applications for transmission. It really comes down to the transmission service that is right for your needs. A novice or generalist in many cases can’t advise this. We have walked thousands upon thousands of customers through the transmission service (maintenance) process for what is appropriate for their vehicle.

Rule of thumb intervals for transmission service:

  • Modern Automatic Transmission – Every 30,000 to 50,000 miles
  • Constant Variable Transmissions (CVTs) – Every 30,000 Miles
  • Standard Transmissions – Every 50,000 miles
  • Direct Shift Gear Box – Every 50,000 miles

These are very much rule of thumb intervals so you know when you’re in the ball park and someone may be way overzealous with their recommendations. Transmission service is a very complex reality that most in our industry are novice to. Factory manuals are a piece of information, however, as a result of new car marketing they are not the complete story. We often find conflicting information in factory manuals as related to transmission service, so they are simply just a piece of information but certainly anything but gospel. At times, we have found them to be flat wrong.

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When we look to service a transmission, we consider which type of transmission it is as there are hundreds of different models. We also determine the application or how the vehicle is used. Each model of transmission has its own unique set of service needs. Our experiences when analyzing the vehicle lets us know how and what the prescription is for servicing your transmission.

Typically the most expensive transmission type to service is the automatic transmission. Automatic transmission service ranges in price anywhere between $250 and $350. This is for most Domestic and Asian type vehicles. European vehicles will generally be 20% to 30% above this range as well as some of the real late model vehicles as we enter the era of 8 to 10 speed automatic transmissions. Additionally, European made transmissions have started showing up in late model Domestic and Asian vehicles.

A Key Differentiator in Our Custom Transmission Service

We stock over 40 different types of transmission specific fluid. All of our transmission services utilize a “Factory Fill” assuring your vehicle not only performs to its optimum design, it also meets or exceeds the factory service parameters - assuring there are no warranty conflicts with the automaker’s factory warranty.

We do not offer a boiler plate transmission service. We DO NOT install a one size fits all fluid. We regularly diagnose cars with subtle strange issues where the wrong fluid, the one size fits all type, was used in another shops transmission service. The customer never connected the dots between the transmission service they received that utilized the wrong fluid and the subtle symptoms.

If you’re ever not sure you need a transmission service, schedule a courtesy drive with one of our seasoned transmission experts who can quickly access your service needs.

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