Automatic Transmission - Offering Transmission Diagnostic, Maintenance, Repair, Recondition, Overhaul, Re-Manufacturing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Tri-City Transmission Service, Inc. has been servicing, diagnosing, repairing, rebuilding, reconditioning and remanufacturing transmissions for over 45 years. We have a well-seasoned, consistent, established staff. All of our transmission technicians have at least 15 years in the specialty of transmissions. We have the passion and expertise for our trade - we are transmission geeks! We understand this is very unique to the automotive industry. We recognize the unfortunate trend of regular auto repair shops and dealerships putting up a “me too sign” for transmission work when at best they are simply a transmission novice. We have seen this cost customers extra heartache with incomplete repairs, repair failures and thousands of dollars of unnecessary expense with inaccurate diagnosis. Dealerships and regular auto repair shops often outsource the transmission work.

Transmission issues can come in many forms

  1. Your vehicle has developed idiosyncrasies and you think it might be related to the transmission – In this instance, the vehicle does not consistently drive smoothly
  2. Transmission quit shifting altogether and the engine just seems to rev and rev
  3. The vehicle quits moving forward, backward or both, rendering the vehicle completely unusable.

These problems, although described differently, are often times caused by the same issue. Issues #2 and #3 are usually a result of ignoring issue #1, hoping the issue would get better. This is often where automotive consumers are given bad advice by non-qualified transmission technicians. The general repair shop or dealership in most cases only know how to replace a transmission. They simply don’t have the ability to make an accurate diagnosis and then a minor repair or adjustment, so their advice is often times overkill or they tell you #1 is evidence of the beginnings of a bad transmission. In more cases than not, that well intentioned bad advice is simply wrong.

In our 45+ years of experience in the specialty of transmissions, the better majority of people thinking they need a transmission really don’t. All they need is a simple repair, software update, solenoid or adaptation calibration and not a transmission replacement.

Warning signs your vehicle needs to come in for our diagnostic service

Does the “OD” light flash from time to time?
This is the equivalent of the check engine light for the transmission.

Does the “D4” or “D5” light flash from time to time?
This is also the equivalent of the check engine light for the transmission.

Is the check engine light on? – The check engine light many times illuminates for transmission problems. If you suspect the check engine light has something to do with the transmission, it probably does.

Are you seeing red puddles of oily fluid on the driveway?

When you come to a stop, do you get a sensation you’re being rear-ended although no one is behind you?

Does the engine seem to rev higher before shifting?

Does the engine seem to be revving high on the freeway?

Has your gas mileage fallen off?

Transmission symptoms come in so many different flavors. We have listed just a few of the common ones.

Transmission repair can seem overwhelming to consumers. Their mindset almost immediately goes to the worst case scenario and it shouldn’t. So many of the minor repairs we make cost less than a car payment and you only lose a couple days without your vehicle, in which case we have accommodations for that inconvenience.

Don’t let it be overwhelming, it’s not to us. This is what we do. They are complicated when you don’t know anything about them. We do, so you can rest assure we can take care of it. A good accurate diagnosis is the best way to protect yourself from unnecessary repair and heartache.

Don’t ignore symptoms or ask transmission advice from a automotive generalist

Over ½ of the transmissions we see that need a major repair at our shop could have been avoided had someone not ignored the early symptoms. If you’re ever not sure you have a transmission problem, schedule a courtesy drive with one of our transmission specialists. Sometimes all you need is someone qualified to tell you it’s not an issue you need to be concerned with. In more times than not, this has been the case. Peace of mind with a free test drive!!